The following outlines the role for each position available.

1) The Executive Committee:


– To be the MC for each networking meeting.
– Provides all communications to the group.
– Email reminders for meetings, 1 on 1’s (includes weekly greeter).
– Confirms the next presenter of their presentation time.
– Must confirm/communicate with the venue for the amount of food ordered.
– The President, as well as the treasurer, have signing authority for the group.
Current President: Stewart Lebert

Vice President:

– In the President’s absence by acting as MC.
– Take attendance at all meetings.
– On an annual basis create the schedule for presentations.
– In the Treasurer’s absence by collecting monies.
– Act as a liaison between all other sub-committees.
Current Vice President: Dr. Peter Fonti


– Collect dues and deposit all fees in the LP bank account.
– Maintain the balance sheet.
– Perform bookkeeping for the invoices and payments.
– Disperse cheques for all payable finances the group incurs.
– Record information in the receipt book.
– Present a semi-annual review of the finances.
– The Treasurer, with the President, has signing authority.
Current Treasurer: Brent Duncan

Past President:

– The past president will aid and mentor the new Executive committee
Past President: Brett Lucier

2) The Membership Committee:

– Consists of 3 Members
– Review applications from potential new members and recommend membership status.
– Resolve any internal member issues.
– The membership committee shall maintain contact with guests to determine membership.
– Forward approved membership applications to the Directory Committee.
Current Membership Committee: Trevor Dieroff, Dani Hana, John Terzis

3) The Social Committee:

– Consists of 2 Members
– Plan events, including all monthly socials and two annual group events.
Current Social Committee:

4) The Directory Committee:

– Consists of 2 members
– Maintain the external membership directory (website).
– Maintain the internal membership directory.
Current Directory Committee: Stewart Lebert