1. Only one person from each profession or business is permitted to be part of the group. All members are required to complete the Membership questionnaire, which can be found on the website. Membership Chair is to be Cc’d on all website inquiries.

2. Any members seeing potential classification conflicts with potential members or guests should bring those to the attention of the Membership Committee as soon as possible.

3. Members must represent their primary occupation and not a part-time business.

4. Any multi-level marketing company representatives must represent their products and /or services and not recruit for the business opportunity component of their company during the meetings.

5. Members who wish to change their classification must resubmit their name to the Membership Committee.

6. The bi-weekly meetings last for approximately 75 minutes (12:00pm – 1:15pm).

7. Members are asked to arrive on time and stay for the entire meeting. If a member needs to leave mid meeting, please exit during the breaks.

8. Members are asked to vary where they sit in order to get to know other members.

9. Members are asked to keep their infomercials to approximately 20 seconds.

10. Members are asked to have their referrals and 1on1 lists prepared and ready.

11. Members are allowed 4 absences every dues cycle. After 5 absences, the member will be subject to a probationary period for the following dues cycle. Members cannot be on Probation in consecutive dues cycles

12. If a member cannot attend, he/she may send a substitute to the meeting. This will relieve the members’ count of absences.

13. Substitutes are not allowed to replace the member more than 50% of all meetings in a 12 month period.

14. All members will have the opportunity to do a 10 minute presentation highlighting more details about their business at the next available date.

15. Members that have concerns regarding their participation in the group (or in the group in general) are invited to approach a member of the Executive Committee.

16. Visitors may attend up to two meetings in total before they may submit their name to the Membership Committee.

17. Members are invited to give testimonials and insights into any direct experiences they have had with a fellow member.

18. Membership dues are non-refundable. Fees cannot be transferred from one member to another unless they are from the same company.

19. Members will be expected to provide payment of their membership dues semi-annually at the first meetings in January and July. Guests interested in joining the networking group between these dates will have their first payment prorated.

20. The President, Vice-President, Treasurer and Secretary are elected executive positions. Executive committee to assign the Chair for each Committee. Committee Chair to assign their own committee members. Quorum is to be 66% or greater for all committee votes, executive committee can be requested to make Quorum.

21.  Nominations for the Executive Committee will take place on the 1st meeting in July on every even numbered year. Voting for the Executive Committee positions will take place on the 1st meeting in September of every even numbered year. Absentee votes must be emailed to the current Vice President before the end the of the 1st meeting in September for the even numbered year.

22. Members of London Professionals can only nominate themselves if they would like to take part in organizing and contributing to the group. If there are a lack of nominations for a position, the current member, if so desires, shall maintain that position.

Please visit our Committee’s page for the roles and positions available in our group.