How to Ask a Client for a Referral

The first rule of asking for a referral is to know that the more times you ask for a referral the more chances you have to get one. If you are not asking for referrals you will not get any, it is that simple.

  1. Step 1

    Try SUGGESTING a referral. Directly asking for a referral can be uncomfortable to do. A method that also works is to SUGGEST a referral instead of ASKING for a referral. The way you would SUGGEST a referral is by making a statement such as “Mrs. Jones, if you ever come across someone that might be interested in my services please give them my card”. Many times you will find that your existing client will ask for your business cards and do just that when they have the chance. I have landed a few referrals this way.

  2. Step 2

    Concentrate on your clients best interests. What I mean by this is do not say, “Can you help me by giving me a referral.” Instead, present it in a way that shows the client you are doing something good for them, and they are doing something good for their friends or relatives if they refer you to them. This method works very well if you have a very satisfied client. Here is how you can word it, “Mrs. Jones, we have worked together for quite sometime and I am sure that you are very happy with our products and service. I would like to extend my services and help out some of your friends and relatives the same way I have helped you. Please let me know who you would like me to help.” Your very satisfied clients will tend to give you some names as a result of this approach.

  3. Step 3

    Explain to your client the type of referral you are looking for. Many times sales people will just ask for a referral but not specify the type of referral they are looking for. If I am working with doctors and want doctors as referral I would word my referral request as follows “I really enjoy working with you as a client. I would love to have more clients like you that are hard working and have a growing and successful practice. Surely you have colleagues that can use my services as well.” You will be surprised how well received this type of referral request works out when you specify the type of referral you are looking for.

  4. Step 4

    You must earn referrals. If you have not worked hard enough for your existing client then how can you expect to get referrals? Make sure your existing clients are all satisfied and you will increase your chances of getting a referral from them.